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Alaska Firenado film by Douglas Burts   –Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars
Douglas Burts of the Alaska Division of Forestry caught footage of a firenado forming in the Tetlin Juction Fire at about 1900 August 16, 2013. Spruce trees with the root wad can be seen flung through the air.
In summer 2015, fires charred tens of thousands of acres in California.
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1. Égi Táltos &  Mohalepte

Égi Táltos –The Moon and the Nightspirit   Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold

Égi Táltos  = Celestial Shaman

Mohalepte — The Moon and the Nightspirit

Mohalepte = Moss becoming or emerging or surprise as You  or  You becoming or emerging or surprise as Moss  or

MossBeing    MossyForestBeing


2.  Puita

With Trees –  Korpiklaani

Korpiklaani =  Forest/Wilderness Clan

Puita = With Trees


3. The Memory Of Trees

The Memory Of Trees — Enya


4.  Mänty Metsät

Pine Woods       – by Korpiklaani

Korpiklaani = Forest/Wilderness Clan

Mänty Metsät = Pine Woods


5..  Alaska Forest Firenado

Alaska Firenado film by  Douglas Burts   –Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars

Doubglas Burts of the Alaska Division of Forestry caught incredible footage of a ‘firenado’ forming from

a forestfire.  ‘Firenados’ are what they sound like, fire swirling clouds of smoke with tornado strength winds.


6.  Lysabild

Lysabild  —  Valvran

Lysabild =  Light Crabtree

Valvran =  described as originating from ravens who consume the bodies of the dead on the battlefield,  alternately, as wolf/raven hybrids

I træets øverste grene

Sad en pige så alene
Et ansigt sig spejlede i tællelampens skær
Borte var alle hun havde haft så kær
Og dødens vind den strejfede hendes kind


In the tree’s upper branches
Sat a girl so alone
A face is mirrored in counting the lamp inserts
Gone was all she had held so dear
And the wind of death roamed her cheek


I træets øverste grene sad en pige så alene
Men håbet det boede i hendes unge sind
Som lyset det flakkede i den røde aftenvind
Og livet kyssede hendes kind

Alene de andre er døde
Alene alle er døde
Alene resten er døde
Lys mit lys

3 mile derfra sad i sorg en ungersevend
Hand troede ej mere skulle få en ven
Modløs han stirrede mod aftenhimlen grå
I det fjerne et glimt ud i mørket han så

Han løb gennem stok han løb over sten, gennem moser og krat og forrev sine ben
Men ensom at være det ville han ej, og ran så af sted på den lange mørke vej
Han løb over mark og han løb gennem skov, alt imens pigen sad i træet og sov
Han løb gennem hegn og løb over krat, han stred sig igennem den mørkeste nat

Alene de andre er døde
Alene alle er døde
Alene resten er døde
Lys mit lys


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a bit from my youth and a song that reminded me

I saw this video with the Civil Wars song The One that Got Away,  which took me back to a certain period in my youth when I lived out of a back pack, and did indeed hop trains.  The trains were in Canada, I hitch-hiked In the USA.  My own experiences were  somewhat different from this girl’s, yet essentially  similar.  I thought to share a little of that time.

I had some different items that I carried about and used.   I had a sleeping bag,  a small pot, teaspoon, and cooking spoon, toothbrush, paper, pencils, pens.  wet stone , pocket knife, scissors and large eye needles and crochet  thread, hat, matches, canteen with clean water, and extra water bottle inside backpack. And an easily assessable, very sharp, hatchet attached to exterior of my back pack. Wash cloth and small hand towel.  5 or 6 clean bandannas.  Clean bandannas make an excellent first aid kit.  Useful for everything.  Long-Johns and a light jacket. 2pr Navy surplus work jeans, and 2 Navy surplus chambray work shirts.  Long sleeves, as there are mosquitoes everywhere. 5 or 6 pairs of good socks  4 set of my style, at that time,  undies, and I wore a pair of boys work boots rather than hiking boots.  At that time they were cheaper, lasted longer, better traction, came up higher over my ankles,  and had  room for two pairs of thick socks.

For food, and I never ran out, even though I shared ???? dunno how :  beef  bullion cubes, tea, brown rice, salt, pepper, garlic, usually some honey or sugar for the tea, and vitamins.   Sometimes canned salmon or mackerel.  Additionally I had rocks in the bottom of my pack (souvenirs and keep sakes) and some books. Oh and a ground-cloth tarp which doubled as rain cover the back pack and gear.

Not once did I ever have such a big fire, as depicted in the movie clip.  Even with company.  And I didn’t flirt with strangers.  My purpose (yes I had a purpose) was to take in as much scenery and wonderfulness as possible before it was no longer possible for me.  I was blessed.

I’m not so sure such a independent life could be lived now.  Not the (relatively speaking) care free, wild, and happily peaceful (with notable exceptions)  time that I had.  I wanted to stay everywhere.  Everywhere was beautiful. I did encounter fear, evil, and danger.  But more prevalent was beauty and goodness.   Beautiful families of many ethnic backgrounds offered to “adopt” me.

This was such an  entirely different part of my life that I seldom think or speak of it.  This little film clip and wonderful song brought a flood of memories.

I used that crochet thread to decorate my jacket and shirts and mend and decorate my backpack.  I still have the backpack.  Maybe I shall blog about this again. And picture that back pack that has traveled so many thousands of miles.

Civil Wars   The One that Got Away

Music video by The Civil Wars performing The One That Got Away. (c) 2013 sensibility recordings LLC, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

This from the comments  AR is Arkansas  :

Hi I am the GurL in the video Claud_Davila (Claudia Davila) I read all the comments and Wow 🙂 thank u for all the positivity This is a Great Band and I am so Lucky to be in there video, it was shot as a film, not ur typical MV Tom Haines as the Director!!!! It was a huge production so many amazing people worked on this non stop 24hr 2wks or more, I came on towards the end 5 days to shot the whole thing, a lot went into this! it was shot in various places in Beautiful AR 🙂