Dusk and High Water St. Mary’s River


Dusk and High Water St. Mary’s River  February 7

Tiny bits of new green promise that Spring is on the way.

The mosquitoes told me they think so, too.

While standing at the water’s edge I disturbed a Blue Heron and an Owl.

dusk high waterⓒBearspawprint2015  2.7.2015

dusk high waterⓒBearspawprint2015 2.7.2015







Winter Sunset


Winter sunset becomes
High water slowly flowing.

Trees weary with waiting
Call darkness from memory.

Thoughts, too loud,
Disturb Blue Heron.
She flies away,
Away from me,
Away from color.

Night grows outward
From dreaming roots.
Bear … 01.25.2014

Sunday Sunset  ⓒBearspawprint2015 01.25.2015

Sunday Winter Sunset ⓒBearspawprint2015 01.25.2015