Swallow What You Must

I stood in the doorway
Foot raised to cross
The bedroom threshold
Your broad shoulders
Filled the space
As you stepped forward
Raising your beautiful arms
Not to put them around me
Nor to accept an embrace
But only to force me
By courtesy to step back
Yet I did not step aside
Instead raising the
Water Blessing
You took and drank
Ingesting unmindfully
Returning the glass
Irritation radiating
Communion reaching
Behind yourself
You shut the bedroom door
And step forward
Again the message clear
Turning I moved aside
Water Blessing transmuted
Funereal Tear Cup
Refilling the empty
Blessing portion
Now become the
Woman’s Salt Sea
I drank my half moon
Tide change
Howling a lullaby named
Anguish to no one
The lyrics all
Told in stories
And the songs all sung
To children grown
From the darkness
Persecuted coyotes echo
My useless cries
I have refilled
Water Blessing
In the new dawn
You will swallow
What you must
And I shall drink
With gratitude
Agawela … 03.22.2017


Day of Thanksgiving

“Is everybody in?
Does everybody have a place to hide?
Is everybody safe and warm, inside?”
30 seconds long. Quite beautiful. By Walela
As the days and nights, in the Northern Hemisphere, grow colder and darker, please remember the elderly, the homeless,  the children,  those in distress, and the animals, both domestic and wild.
I hope you had a wonderful  Day of  Thanksgiving and are warm, comfortable, peaceful and filled with gratitude for all the wonders and blessings, known and unknown.
Thank you for all you have done.