This is movie based on the book, BELOVED, by Toni Morrison.

Of course the book is excellent and has insightful depths that film cannot achieve,

but film is also an excellent medium and adds dimensions that books cannot contain.

What is real and what is not real?  THAT WHICH IS BELOVED IS REAL.     Bear


WHEN FREEDOM IS AS BELOVED AS THE BELOVED ….                               Bear


BELOVED  — trailer

BELOVED   —  harpo films   —    rated R

This movie does have nudity and violence. It is about 2 hrs and 45 minutes long.

This You Tube version seems to be complete, or very well edited, though it is not as high quality

as a DVD or rental streaming or a theatre version.  There may be small bits missing as while I

“watched” I also did other things, not always in the same room.  If you have an opportunity

to watch this movie with good quality, I do recommend doing so.

Some questions to ponder while watching, or reading the book,  might be:

What is Love?

What is Reality?

What is Truth?

What do we hold as Beloved?

What is the cost of Freedom?

What is Important?

What is Understanding?

What is Compassion?

Who can be Trusted? What can be trusted?

Are all people really People?