The Island

….As we continued our errands (which my husband calls “rat killing”)   last Tuesday, February 25,  leaving Jacksonville we headed to Amelia Island driving almost as far as it is possible to drive to the East in Nassau County, Florida, before turning back to the West to head HOME.  HOME is as far West as it is possible to drive in our part of Nassau County. Our property line is the St. Mary’s River, which flows north by HOME, the opposite bank is Georgia.

Amongst other things, our veterinarian is on the Island, my dentist is there, Moses, Dear Son III, went to High School there, and has many of his music gigs there, my favorite county library (where I used to take Roy, Dear son IV, when he was little) is there, and the Island is where I go to view July 4 fireworks.  Even the dentist’s exam rooms have picture windows overlooking a scenic small freshwater lake with turtles, fish jumping, and birds of all sorts, as well as the surrounding gardens.   The only hospital in Nassau County is on the Island.

The day was so warm and sunny, before this little chilly snap, that tourists were milling about, and over half of the car tags were from out of state .

ⓒ Bearspawprint

There has been enough rain lately to wash the skies clean.

Bear … 03.01.2014