Daemon Monsters Of Childhood
Burned to ashes,
It seems they should be gone.
Yet the Daemons and their
Makers are forever merged as One.
No difference the impetus
And doing, origin and end.
It is vile petty People,
Foolish, nasty, and weak,
Who call their craven weakness
A minor  human error, and
Each horrid indiscretion
A simple mistake.
Humans and their
Monstrous Daemons
Are entangled in their lies,
And by acts of satisfying sin
Force the children’s cries.
The Monster Making Daemons,
Are living on in all Dread.
Self perpetuating,
Forever replicating,
I see the Daemon Monsters 
All around in all Fear.
I see your fear within me
And mine within you.
These Childhood
Daemon Monsters
are the same evil core
That lives in mayhem
Strife, torment,
Greed, abuse
And the Daemon Father Monster
Bear  11.29.2013