Thank You

I am grateful to you,
Individual readers,
Whom I have learned to know
Via what you read
And like,
Your comments on my own,
And other’s blogs,
And what you write and
Publish yourselves.
Some of you,
Some I haven’t
Commented on,
Or “liked”,
Do to various
Cyber problems,
Have become especially
Special to me,
In a personal way,
Due to the beauty
Of your being,
Despite your terribly
Trying circumstances.
If you are reading this
Most likely, it is
You to whom I am referring.
Your beauty of being,
That comes across the
Incredible miles and
Infinite differences
Of experience,
And expression,
That actually separate us…..
And the cyber glitches,
And my own shortcomings,
That intervene
Quite often in
(My) communication,
It is you
Who inspire me.
I am grateful.
Thank you
For all
That you have done.
Bear … 05.16.2014
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