New York City 1939

New York 1939

New York City, Summer 1939. Rarely seen recently  surfaced amateur movie, filmed by a French tourist, Jean

Vivier, in 16mm Kodachrome. Great conservation state and   incredible quality! Best viewed full screen in 720p HD.

1939 New York                   in HD Color – Looks Like Filmed                   Yesterday!

Scientists Create Automated ‘Time Machine’ to Reconstruct Ancient Languages

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Ancient languages hold a treasure trove of information about the culture, politics and commerce of millennia past. Yet, reconstructing them to reveal clues into human history can require decades of painstaking work. Now, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have created an automated “time machine,” of sorts, that will greatly accelerate and improve the process of reconstructing hundreds of ancestral languages.

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Travel to the San Blas Archipelago, Panama- The virtual tour by David Shaw

Lovely molas, in the picture. What do they do during storms? Do the inhabited islands have higher elevation interiors? —- Granny Bear

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Among my favorite places in the new world tropics is the San Blas Archipelago on the Caribbean coast of Panama. The San Blas is part of the Kuna Yala, a semi-autonomous province of the country under the management of the indigenous Kuna people. The Kuna live primarily in tight communities packed onto tiny, individual islands in the San Blas. Hundreds of people will make their homes on islands of no more than a few acres, commuting out to fish in the surrounding waters or manage small farm plots on the mainland.

The Kuna are remarkable, and I lack the knowledge to dive as deeply into their rich culture as they deserve. Suffice to say, the Kuna are largely traditional, holding to their lifestyles in the face of a modernizing world. But the Kuna live on only a few of the nearly 400 islands in the San Blas. There are…

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