Debating With Bad-Guys — That Boat Won’t Float

The Bad-Guys
Are more numerous
Better armed
Better organized
Meaner and more
Rotten than ever
They also have
Arguments against
Which there can be
No winning debate
They are also
So ugly
They want to
Make everyone
As ugly as they are
And they ALL
Have indigestion
All of the time
Always with the farts
So much farts
They begin to believe
It is language and
Use it as argument
Please be careful
With fire and matches
Methane is a
Greenhouse gas
CH4 is known to alter
Buoyancy when
Encountered under
Ocean going vessels
That boat
Won’t float
Bear … 06.09.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


School says deaf boy’s name sign looks too much like a gun

Lyn, I like your puns, too. Deaf boy, dumbest thing you’ll hear….!!!!! — Hunter—- He could use one hand in shading the eyes type of gesture, with a tiny move of the head from one side to the other, indicating a search.—-stupid rules, but that is not a fight for a child, that is fight is for the grown-ups. Just tell him too many people don’t understand the sign, and that the new one is easier for others to remember. In another life I was a supported employment specialist for blind, multiply handicapped persons. Also, in another life (both within this life) I was the coordinator for a child abuse and neglect program in a rural area, utilizing all volunteers. — I recommend myself to comment on this.—- Bear