Happiness is not your destination.
Happiness is an aspect of the journey.
Bear … 03.21.2016

Happiness is not your destination. Happiness is an aspect of your journey. . HappinessⓒBearspawprint2016

Happiness is not your destination. Happiness is an aspect of your journey. .ⓒBearspawprint2016









No one
Can change
Must needs
Can help
That will
To be more
That is
To facilitate
Is your
Own love,
And the
Of one
Also to
Know such
Bearspawprint … 03.14.2016


How much precious valuable gray with hints of the original color pale green, plastic Tupperware pieces does it take to constitute an heirloom?

Does it add more or less jealousy potential if the lids don’t fit?

Does it add authenticity value for the plastic to have decades of greasy patina?  Is this value similar to the patina  with which Pablo Picasso treated his copper works?

Does a documented date of purchase add to the attractive qualities of Tupperware if it is over forty five years previous?
Bear … 10.03.2015


Tupperware – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

“They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! – Single” by Napoleon XIV

Down Home Truth Punctures Mountain Top Bump Onna Log Deities

It took a lifetime
But Bear carried
Her burden basket,
As asked,
To the top of the
Slick glass mountain
Only to be told by the
Smirking Mountain Top
Bump Onna Log Deities,
“You’ve got the wrong
Stuff in there.”
“Us Mountain Top
Bump Onna Log Deities told
You to collect
The second scavenger list
Of goodies to bring to us first.”
“Take all this
Valuable heavy
Stuff back down,
Dig a deep hole,
And throw everything
In the hole and bury it.”
“Then bring back this
Other buncha equally heavy
Doodads of no value,
That is really the first list.
Hahaha, hohoho, hehehe”
“Then go back down
Dig up this second list
Of valuable heavy stuff
And bring that stuff
Up here again,
So that we can reject it
In the right order.
Hahaha, hohoho, hehehe.”
Did the weary Bear drop
Her burden basket?
Oh no.
Bear threw it down!!
Jumped all over the
Burden basket
And its valuable and
Heavy contents.
Then Bear threw
As heavy and sharp
As spear heads,
Some honest
Down home truths,
And a few heart-felt
Curses, as well.
The Mountain Top
Bump Onna Log Deities
Laughed so hard they
Forgot to dodge
The harsh truth
And their hot air souls
Were punctured so that
They blurbbblububububed
Off the other
Side of the mountain
Like giant farting balloons.
The Mountain Top
Bump Onna Log Deities
Were never missed.
Except the local mayor
Did notice their absence
On voting day.
Sadly, however,
Bear’s burden basket
Was smashed to nothing.
It had been a fine
And useful basket.
The End
Bear … 09.15.2015

All Ya’ll Platitude Spouting Mealy Mouthed Preachers Are Wrong!!

Amongst other
It is lazy
And damned CRUEL
To say to anyone
Overburdened with care
And struggling to do
What is right and
What has been asked,
“You are never asked
To carry a heavier load
Than you are able to carry.”
Ha! how many times have
You swell headed idiots
Said that very thing
Just so you wouldn’t
Have to actually do
Some work, yourself?
I am here
To tell you that
God regularly asks
Us to carry burdens
Much too heavy
For human beings.
Perhaps this is
To keep us humble?
Or more likely,
It is far too
Amusing to resist.
Bear … o9.14.2015