What meaning
Is veiled
In common
I have no
No one background
Resonating genetic
Social origins
Written flow
Emanating from
The void of
An empty heart
In silence
Can the written
Be heard echoing
From myriad cryptic
Speaking from
A nowhere
Center truth
Change mutates
Subjective adaptions
Hearts’ language
What say I
Before conjured
Meaning obscures
Bear … 04.04.2015

Wa Ya


Wa Ya ⓒBearspawprint2015  03.23.2015

Wa Ya ⓒBearspawprint2015 03.23.2015

Wa Ya = Wolf  using  Tsalagi (Cherokee) Syllabary   03.23.2015

Wa Ya = Wolf using Tsalagi (Cherokee) Syllabary 03.23.2015





Babbling daemons
Of chaos, of
Remembrance and
Lost dreams retained,
Secret betrayals and
Truth inescapable,
Dark refuge of light,
Come join me
At my empty table.
We shall dine on
Dead thoughts
And take sustenance
From broken hearts,
Laughing and starving
Sharing company
With Mnemosyne
And the Muses, nine.
Bear … 03.09.2015
Δαιμονία Νύμφη-θεάς Μνημοσύνης


Come Voice

Come Voice
Come speak for me
There is much to say
And nothing is my own
All has been given away
Yet there is the unsaid
Which exists unsayable
Regenerated in Voice
Come Voice
Come speak for me
Speak the unspeakable
In this strange
World of words and symbols
Where some few of us agree
To allow meaning to reside
Holding the infinite close
As illusions more
Comfortable than home
Come  Voice
Come speak for me
Sing with Beauty Voice
That is forever denied
Pretty does not dress our
Eyes with stars nor
Is hair spun with honey
Yet always we have lived
As the seasons in their
Progress and the stars
In their poems
Slumbering in anguish and joy
Come Voice
Come speak for me
Flow through me
To myself as all hearing
For we are all the same
Sad heart beating
Wistful sorrow
Come Voice
Come speak for me
Sooth with unknown harmony
A perfect Enlightenment
That I as myself
A cosmic joke
Shall never be
Hearts altogether
We already are laughing
In remembrance of
When we were not
Come Voice
Come speak for me
Inextricably woven together
We yearn as one
To hear ourselves
Speak as the Voice
That we barely imagine
Foolishly striving to
Transform already
Formless mysteries
Into the infinite
Chorus of light
A music that is
One sound beyond hearing
That is the Voice
Folding stretching
Contracting swirling
In more dimensions
Than are knowable
Come Voice
Come speak for me
Resonate the unspeakable
Sing the unknowable
Dance the dance
That is more than power
Come Voice
Come speak for me
When there is one
Perfect enlightenment
So shall we all
Be set free
Instantly and simultaneously
As we always have been
Come Voice
Come speak for me
Speak the Mobius echo
There is more than infinity
We all are Thee
Come Voice
Come speak for me
Bear … 02.25.2015


Is there a
That is not
Horse shit?
Is the entire
World history
Composed of
Road apples?
Bear … 02.06.2015

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

2hrs. 06min. 35sec.

N2BEATS OFFICIAL<a href="/channel/UCZ27l0HMaQxInANM7e1uNUA" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-sessionlink="ei=UvnCVPP0A83wqQWI_YG4Cg" data-ytid="UCZ27l0HMaQxInANM7e1uNUA" data-name="">N2BEATS OFFICIAL</a>

“The plot, which is based on events covered by several chapters of Brown’s book as well as other sources, revolves around four main characters: Charles Eastman né Ohiyesa (Adam Beach), a young, mixed-race Sioux doctor educated at Dartmouth and Boston University, who is held up as proof of the success of assimilation; Sitting Bull (August Schellenberg), the Sioux chief who refuses to submit to U.S. government policies designed to strip his people of their identity, their dignity and their sacred land, the gold-laden Black Hills of the Dakotas; U.S. Senator Henry L. Dawes (Aidan Quinn), an architect of government policy for allotment of Indian lands to individual households to force adoption of subsistence farming; and Red Cloud, whose decision to make peace with the American government and go to a reservation disturbed Sitting Bull.

“While Eastman and his future wife Elaine Goodale (Paquin), a reformer from New England and Superintendent of Indian Schools in the Dakotas, work to improve life for Indians on the reservation, Senator Dawes lobbies President Ulysses S. Grant (Thompson) for more humane treatment of the Indians. He opposes the adversarial stance of General William Tecumseh Sherman (Feore). The Dawes Commission (held from 1893 to 1914)[1] develops a proposal to break up the Great Sioux Reservation to allow for American demands for land while preserving enough land for the Sioux to live on. The Commission’s plan is held up by Sitting Bull’s opposition. He has risen to leadership among the Sioux as one of the last chiefs to fight for their independence. Dawes, in turn, urges Eastman to help him convince the recalcitrant tribal leaders. After witnessing conditions on the Sioux reservation, Eastman refuses.

“The prophet Wovoka (Studi) raised Western Indian hopes with his spiritual movement based on a revival of religious practice and the ritual Ghost Dance; it was a messianic movement that promised an end of their suffering under the white man. The assassination of Sitting Bull and the massacre of nearly 200 Indian men, women and children by the 7th Cavalry at Wounded Knee Creek on December 29, 1890 ended such hopes.

“Henry L. Dawes’ wanted to increase the cultural assimilation of Native Americans into American society by his Dawes Act (1887) and his later efforts as head of the Dawes Commission. During the 47 years of implementing the Act, Native Americans lost about 90 million acres (360,000 km²) of treaty land, or about two-thirds of their 1887 land base. About 90,000 Indians were made landless. The Implementation of the Dawes Act disrupted Native American tribes’ communal life, culture, and unity”

N2BEATS OFFICIAL<a href="/channel/UCZ27l0HMaQxInANM7e1uNUA" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-sessionlink="ei=UvnCVPP0A83wqQWI_YG4Cg" data-ytid="UCZ27l0HMaQxInANM7e1uNUA" data-name="">N2BEATS OFFICIAL</a>



Angel’s Tears

Whose song shall I sing
When the voices of trees
Loose language?
Shall there be a song
Of wild winds howling through
Dead branches and empty sky?

May I sing of star memories,
Those eons of lonesome brightness,
Uncountable in their vastness?

Are there ballads recounting
Tales when there was nothing,
Before the birth of time?

Can I sing about tomorrow
Before our own wane sun rises
Coldly burning away all hope?
Will you allow that I
May sing a lullaby of nonsense,
To sooth our sleepless dreams?
Oh My Love, I foolishly cry
My song through my unspoken words.
Who listens to hear silent music?
The chorused pain of Angels sings,
In roaring silence, resonance
Periods too long for corporal ears.
But I do see in the darkness,
Sparkling and dazzling rainbows
Of whirling Angel’s tears.

TIME — Music Themes

Fairy Tale — Secret Garden
How is TIME measured in the realm of dreams and wishes  and  Once Upon a TIME?
3min. 30sec.

Lisa chose the music theme TIME for this week, which she posted in a TIMELY manner on her blog, giving us all plenty of TIME to prepare.
What TIME existed in the TIME before TIME?
BEFORE TIME — Sun — Thomas Bergersen
2min. 20sec.

DREAMTIME — Makara Seven Sisters
TIME is a cone spreading infinitely outward from any chosen starting point until it folds back outward onto its self, encompassing all other times and the time within the cone all simultaniosly.

MOTHER OF TIMES — Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
All TIMES have their source. The source is Mother.
4min. 25 sec.

AFRAID OF TIME — Interstellar — Hans Zimmer
2min. 32sec.

KORPPI — Suden AIKA  — Katariina Airas,  Liisa Matveinen,  Tellu Turkka, Nora Vaura
In the TIME of the wolf, the TIME of the raven, the TIME of all creatures not taught to measure TIME, is TIME perceived differently? If perceived differently is TIME’S essence the same? Does TIME become a dimension?
Suden AIKA = TIME of The Wolf   Korppi = raven
3min. 55sec.

ONCE UPON A TIME — Dreams And Imagination — Two Steps From Hell
Can there be a TIME without measurement? Does measuring TIME change the nature of its passing?  Does TIME even pass, at all, without measurement?
5min. 54 sec.

THE HOME THAT I WILL NEVER SEE  —  Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
NEVER is a A TIME that cannot be.
4min. 22sec.

Vast forests with evergreen trees
Foggy hills the eye can see
The wind sweeps through a valley
That lies by the deep blue sea

A village from another TIME
Awakens with the misty dawn
This is my home my mind shows me
The home that I will never see

Small houses, carved in dragonheads and runes
The smell of tar and burning wood
Men and women breathe their souls to their craft
Some dancing to the lyre’s tunes

A young man wraps his arms round me
One dancing flame we came to be
The only vows I chose to know
This is the place I call my home

Oh, the vision tortures me
I will never really see
I will never smell its smell
Nor touch the face of my loved one

My village by the deep blue sea
Today an ugly factory
Oh, why has it become my fate?
That I am here one thousand years too late
THE WORMHOLE — Interstellar — Hans Zimmer
1min. 30sec.

Wormhole Time Travel – The Anderson Institute
“Since the 1930’s, physicists have speculated about the existence of “wormholes” in the fabric of space. Wormholes are hypothetical areas of warped spaceTIME … ”
Johnny: Music Theme – Time | johnny ojanpera

Willow:     Willow

Kate:   Kate
The Music Theme for next week is  WINTER SOLSTICE.
Winter solstice – northern and southern – Time and Date
http://www.timeanddate.com › Sun & Moon
“Northern Hemisphere winter solstice. (North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa). December solstice 2014: December 21, at 23:03 UTC. …”
LABYRINTH — Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
Den Pfad, begraben von der ZEIT  = The path, buried by TIME
4min. 02sec.

Ein heimlich Ort hab ich geseh’n
Im Walde schlafend die Steine steh’n
Der Nachtgesang hat mich hingeführt

Verwunschner Baum den Blicke fängt
Ein Raunen im verwachs’nem Geäst
Unterm Stamm, such unterm Stamm

Grabe mit den Händen aus
Der Erdmann klettert selbst heraus
Er weiß den Weg zum Labyrinth

Ei, da siehst du staunend an
Die Geister des Waldes erwachen dann
Kennst du’s Rätsel? Frag’n sie an

Dort der Pfad zur steinernen Tür
Die uralte Weisheit liegt vor dir
Dein Geiste ist der Schlüssel zu ihr

Im Traume, du erinnerst Dich
Kehrt zurück dein wahres ich
Verloren einst im Labyrinth

Verschlossen hab’n sie die steinerne Tür
Den Pfad, begraben von der ZEIT
Such in dir, mach frei die Tür