Weariness slows my heart.
The forest waits silently,
Gifting patient grace.

Bear 02.16.2019


Such A Being

Can there be such a being
That by merely not being dead
Evil is invoked?

Can there be such a being
That by merely not being dead
Loved ones hearts are broken?

Can there be such a being
That the kindest act would be
To step aside without a word?

Bear 11.29.2018

Cannot Be

Crying out into
The void
Heartbreaking pain
Mere circumstances
Joy and grief
Achingly balanced
Hannannah embraces
Anguished screams
Touch all Mothers
We whisper with
The terrible beauty
Of burning stars and
Whirling planets
With tiny flowers and
Eternal lost songs
Ancestral Mothers
Who bore all Mothers
We are all the
Ephemeral nowhere
Which cannot be
Agawela … 04.12.2018

Wailing Sand

I hear Wind
She gives
Voice to sand
Wailing mantra
Sparking current
Friction sowing
All ancestors
Weeping in
Blowing sand
Singing wild
Calls Huracan
Spiral song
New joy
Wind sings
Her prayer
An ecstasy
With gratitude
The pure
Self Offering
Washes tears
Prayer restored