A song never sung
Was silenced by an owl’s
Whispered hunting flight.
Bear 05May2020

4 comments on “Hunger

  1. Rosie S says:



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  2. cindy knoke says:

    Before, and after the kill,
    or mate,
    they sing the most haunting songs.
    I hear them often at The Holler.
    And we sing back and forth.
    one flew by my hair,
    causing it to ruffle in the dark of the night.
    Was it a warning,
    go away human,
    you fooled me with your call,
    next time I’ll hurt you,
    or an acknowledgement.
    Doesn’t matter.
    Does it.
    I was touched by owl flight,
    in the dead of the night.
    Love to you.

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    • ❤ He was telling you to look for the message hidden within another message. And just letting you know he likes you. He knew watched you talking with him before he dared touch you. He didn't want to scare you and make you run away or swat at him … so he was carefull …



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