10 comments on “Youngest Son In A Tree

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Well he’s gorgeous, of course. Cumberland, did you read, “The Wildest Woman in America?” You would love this book about this nature advocate, fascinating, woman, who lives off the grid and fought all her life for the natural preservation of Cumberland. I want to go because of reading about her.

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    • T’is a fascinating island. The horses are not as wild as I expected, but they are there, and are not fenced expect by the shoreline. The ruins and history are interesting, of course. The scenery is lovely. You would enjoy a visit ❤ Sometimes the bugs are bad, and Lymes deisease firstt appeared, in this area, on the Island with a fatal case, quite a few years ago. I didn't find any ticks on us, but I did bring home a few chiggers. No I haven't read the book you recommend, nor did I see it in the book section of the ferry museum/reservation building. I shall hunt it up, elsewhere. Thank you for the recommend. I do recommend the Greek restaurant across the street from the ferry landing. The food and the balcony are wonderful, even if the chairs and tables are a bit wobbly. They make their own pastries. The seafood restaurants, nearby use local fresh catches. Yummy. JFK, Jr. was married there, and it was from the small (private) island airport that he took off on his last flight. It is a nice day, or two, or three, trip.

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    • PS Yes, Roy is gorgeous, thank you. (knock on wood) ❤

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    • fabdeland says:

      I’d like to read that book.

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