Driving Anxiety 101 – Thirteen years in the making.

This courageous, kind, intelligent, responsible, beautiful, insightful, gorgeous woman, of whom I am very proud, is my daughter in law.

MamaMadHatter Musings

IMG_4815 Illustration Credit: Trinity Moss

First Step: Experience a traumatic event in which you feel you have no control.

When I turned thirty, my world shrunk drastically. I took a road trip with my three year old from North Florida to the Appalachian mountains in my 15 year old crappy Toyota van to visit another single mom friend. We never made it to the mountains. Instead, the van’s electrical system failed on a deserted state road in the pitch black of night at 11pm. This was before the days of affordable smart phones and GPS, so I had no idea exactly where I was. Thankfully, I did have a TracFone with a few minutes on it and was able to call for AAA towing services (Thanks for the membership, Mom!). I had planned to go camping in the mountains, so the van was packed full with coolers of food, futon mattress…

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One comment on “Driving Anxiety 101 – Thirteen years in the making.

  1. This song by Agnes Obel (on piano) is titled The Curse, but it should be named Blessing In Disguise



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