Now Is The Winter

How can this be
Beyond bearing?
For yet I live.
Anguish twisting
Inverted semaphores,
May Day, May Day
The anniversary
Revisiting despair.
Fools and more fools,
A world of fools
Dancing down
The pirates plank,
Twirling May
Virgin Ribbons,
Tossing wreaths
After those
Lost At Sea.
Winter death
Is foretold in all
Sweet beginnings.
Sparkling charisma
Signaled in
The cannibal’s grin,
Eats the Heart
Is in love again.
I whirl with
The fools flying
Into the drink.
Mermaids and Silkies,
My sisters
Who know,
Now is the winter.
Ice flowers
Are blooming.
Bear … 01.06.2016


6 comments on “Now Is The Winter

  1. This poem expresses my feelings today. Feeling like I’m walking the plank with sharks awaiting me. Also missing my Mom Mable Palmer who was born in May. Gone nearly 20 years but it seems like yesterday especially on those grueling draining workdays.

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    • We miss our Mothers no matter how old we are. … Poor Baby, you need your Mama’s loving arms. She watching over you. You know she is. You can talk with her, she’ll even let you cry and whisper to you what you need to hear. Mother’s are like that, even from the other side.


  2. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! 🙂



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