One dark morning
Clouds ashes brown light
I crawled from my shelter
I stood in the gloom
I welcomed the new day
I appeared to be living
Walking to the walls
Which surrounded me
Surrounding my home
Surrounded the world
I began to climb
I had grown strong
In my aloneness
Every step had been
A dancing poem
Every poem had been sung
Every song beat my drum
My heart was thunder
My ears heard the silence
I climbed hand over hand
My bare feet seeking purchase
I climbed I climbed
I climbed singing
The Eagle’s song
No Eagle’s heard me
No one could hear
The Eagle’s song
I sang I sang I sang
And sometimes
I paused to scream
I screamed I screamed I screamed
I feared my screaming
Might never stop
I was alone
I disturbed no one
High on the walls of the abyss
I looked around
Below was darkness
Above was gloom
Shedding ashes
Upward I struggled
I struggled I struggled
Reaching what seemed
I flat place I stopped
Resting Resting I rested
Below was darkness
Above was gloom
Shedding ashes
I wanted to scream more
The ashes were heavy
Upward I climbed
The gloom darkened into
Blackness below
And blackness above
Suspended in darkness
The solid wall of the abyss
To which I clung
Named itself hope
In darkness I climbed
Weary weary so weary
Something was new
There was no wall
Above no wall
No wall before
I rolled over a ledge
Onto flat darkness
Darkness before
Darkness behind
Darkness above
I slept on the flat darkness
And dreamed
I dreamed of gloom
Lightening the morning
And ashes falling
In my sleep I screamed
I screamed I screamed I screamed
There were no echoes
The morning was brown gloom
Ashes fell
No walls surrounded me
I could see flatness
In all directions
A brown gloomy sky
Arched over the world
With no walls
Ashes fell and I stood
Each step puffing ashes
Ashes fell into my footprints
Erasing my passage


15 comments on “Escape

  1. Lisa says:

    I had a similar dream. I cried and cried and cried and cried

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    • Sweet Lisa, this is not a dream, there is a dream within the narrative, which also not a dream. Sometimes I am completely alone and this is one of the landscapes I traverse.

      That is why I had to write the next bit about unrequited love. It is too irresponsible to leave readers in that landscape of ashes and hopelessness.

      I pray that when you cried you were not alone. I pray that now you can look around and see color and feel the touch of someone who loves you. XOXOXO

      God bless you, sweet and soft Lisa of the Light.

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  2. Wow you drew me into the dream with me. Your words were gripping and descriptions convincing. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  3. willowdot21 says:

    But you knew you were making progress!!

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  4. daviddiamondblog says:

    // reminds me of cats this does // well done // thank you xz

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