Whispers Call

What is the
Earie song
Sweetly calling
Lovely illusion
Intensely calling
Singing whispering
A voice so soft
In the woods
Gentle crescendo
In the swamp
Rising twisting
In the trees
Through flowers
Trampled gardens
Unseen unaware
Calling whispering
Sweet promises
Of not to be
Calling not me
Come be free
The voice
A harmony of
Lies and illusion
Through thickets
And thorns
Leaches and ticks
Mosquitoes whining
Hypnotic desire
Following a whisper
Trailing a dream
A shadow
Someone follows
Someone is lost
Bear …December 2, 2015


9 comments on “Whispers Call

  1. Thanks for sharing this poem. It has given me ideas. Puts me in the mind of Goblin Market
    a Poem by Christina Rossetti. One can actually hear the unseen whispers or was that the wind rustling leaves and branches. Only the Fairies and/or Goblins know for certain!

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  2. Nancy Gear says:


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  3. Lisa says:

    You heard that too?!!!! Wow.

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