I Lied

I lied.
You do
Not see.
I am an
My words
Are poison,
My heart
A thorn.
My embrase
Is mist.
You are
My death.
My tears
Are ice.


8 comments on “I Lied

  1. Ada says:

    Enigmatic words for me. I love them.

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    • Ada, you are amazing, like your namesake Ada. You are a starburst ⭐

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      • Ada says:

        Oh, Bear, if I am, you are ! ⭐
        In fact, all your words are striking. The images they create always surprise me. Wide-range and complex, unusual feelings. I like it. 🙂

        Reading “I lied”, I said spontaneously “no !!”, then, reading again, “so i’m just another liar”, then “the paw print does not make the bear”, then “well, I must be immunized against her poison”, then “a misty embrace is still an embrace after all”. And so on, without end. 🙂

        I can only fly
        on your poems, and accept
        the deep mystery.

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  2. quarksire says:


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