I dwell
Within the
Blank space
In your heart.
While I
Am here,
And I am
Here always,
This space
Is lonely
And wind swept,
Bereft of
All dreams.
The only
Sounds are
The beating
Of your
Beautiful heart,
And when
You speak,
I hear only
An echo
Of wishes
Filtered by
Time and war,
Carried by
Your roaring
Blood as
A love song,
A rushing river
Cascading into the
Endless cycling
That is I.
Listening in
The place
Where your
True love
Should dwell,
There is only
My self,
A wind
Spinning in an
Eternal eddy,
A whirlwind
Of chaos
And misunderstanding.
Far beyond
For my hopeless
Being, I am
The Blank Space
In Your Heart.
Though I am
Vast and empty,
You live here,
Also, in me.
Together we
Circle the sky.
Raining the dance
Of our
Anguished love.
We are the wild
Spiraling Void.
Bear … 10.06.2015



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