Whose Voice?

Much more
Is expected
Of those who
Are strong
In heart,
In love,
In courage,
In spirit,
In humility,
In prayer.
Is this fair?
When those
Who profess
To be
Prayer Warriors
Trying for wishes,
Wishing for magic,
The void
Will answer
With nothing,
Or there will be
Pain and sorrow
And remorse.
Is this righteous?
When the strong
Do not heed
And messages,
Quiet nudges,
Soft hints
And whispers,
From sweet angels;
When Archangels
Must speak,
All must heed,
For such Voices
Dance with
The song of
Divine Swords
Burning harshly.


2 comments on “Whose Voice?

  1. Lisa says:


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  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Collective mind speaks:
    Listen to your inner voice
    So what do i know?

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