“Be careful what you ask for” has been the theme and/or moral of fables and stories and sermons for several thousand years.

I made
The mistake
Of asking for
I have
Also been
Many opportunities
For the practice
My gift.
I am
Massive irritation,
Maddening frustration,
Swallowed anger,
Sublimation of self
Part of the
Was a
Package deal,
I didn’t
Catch any
Golden Fish.
I didn’t
Net any
Magical birds.
I didn’t
See any
I merely
Told the
Prayer Warriors,
When asked,
What I needed
To fulfill
What has been
Of me.
Was that
So terrible?
Now I have
Been reborn.
I am a
Bear … 07.13.2015


20 comments on “Forbearance

  1. Hello my dear friend,…… How are you ? Hope every thing is OK. Long time no see. missed you!

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    • I am well enough, thank you. I’m not in Florida, just now. I have only intermittent, time limited, access to a borrowed computer, here on Green Mountain. Dunno how long I will be here, but I will check in, once in a while. “Tis good to hear from you.

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      • It’s nice to hear from you. Hope you enjoy staying there, Bears. Best wishes.

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        • I am with the Elders i was with winter before last. They are having a spot of trouble, so here I am … trying to generate laughs and stirring up trouble 🙂

          The mountains are quite beautiful. With thick forests, lushly flowering trees and plants, and with plenty of rain at the right times this year, it seemed that everything was blooming at exactly the time I drove from Florida to northeast Alabama. Yes, there is much to enjoy.

          Sadly, I am photo-impaired, but only for the time being.

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          • Mother always gives shelter to children. So they are so happy with your present, I guess. Oh?…. You would not bring any photo home then?

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          • Yes, I will bring photos home, but the computer I use to edit is not portable, it is waiting in Fla, so the memory-cards must wait.

            But also, both both hands always seem to be full of things other than my camera. I sewed HUGE big pockets on my clothing to use here, so that I could have my camera, reading glasses, and other small items with me … but I need more HANDS. Six or eight would be just about right.

            Yes, they do seem to be gladdened that I am here, therefore I am glad, also.

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          • Hehehe, huge pocket and more hands?…. That is also what I usually think when I visit some beautiful place….. Looking forward to seeing and reading your next story. 🙂

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  2. Genie says:

    Interestingly, I was just thinking this morning about how I don’t ask for anything anymore, in the sense of from a Goddess/God, I seem to get all the answers that I need without asking — from birds, trees, wildflowers, animals, stars, etc.

    I laughed out loud at your last line, it’s great to have humour. 😉

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  3. Forbearance should only be sought in the most dire of circumstances. Did you ask for it too early?
    I only ask (from the One I speak to) for more patience and understanding. Not for others from Him but FROM Him for me. More patience and understanding on my part to really understand both others and my circumstances. He has never let me down. He yields them to me without question. I ask one night and there it is – – – the very next day.
    Now some would call me a ‘sucker’, or a sap, or deem me totally ‘whacko’ – – – yet, I have more patience and understanding when it is required of me.
    And who does it help? Not the shylock who I do not deal with. Nor the politician who asks only for his own benefit. Nor the priest who asks for me to throw his sins overboard and wishes for me to pull in a net full of fish!
    No!!!! I only ask for patience and understanding for those who are in need of both the former and the latter. Those who are blind to their own plights.
    However, Bear, if you have asked for forbearance to the above – – – and remain treated unfairly – – -then all you can do is ask for more patience and understanding to deal with those who ignore your sincere requests for forbearance.
    May the force – – – the sunbursts – – – the northern lights – – – the wisps 0′ the will – – – and other things that we can not see (or possibly touch) – – – yet we know are there – – – be with you.
    Your friend who may someday experience the beautiful north eastern rivers and floura of Florida,

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    • Thank you, Wally, for seeing the true message behind the words.

      Dire circumstances. Yup. ⭐

      Seeing a home-light and resting place at the end of an arduous journey can sometimes be terribly wrenching when it turns out to be that there are still great chasms to cross …

      But sometimes the chasms are so beautiful, you just have to take it ALL in

      At the moment I am in/near Huntsville, Alabama. I’ve been here almost three weeks, will be here … for a while … longer .

      By the by, there was beautiful scenery and fauna all the way here (drove to Tallahassee, then north, then onto 431) BEAUTIFUL ride.

      The mountains were blooming with every flowering tree you can think of and day lilies along the roads, all the flowers and berries that were through by May in Fla. are/were profuse in the slightly higher altitude and latitude … and streams and rivers, and mountains and sky …. just WONDERFUL. There are some technical difficulties in (my) photo department … but the opportunities are everywhere.

      Northeast Alabama is lovely.

      May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His Countenance shine before you and give you peace.

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  4. quiall says:

    hahaha great fun!

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  5. Lisa says:

    I made the mistake of asking for something too…
    You’re Hahaha tag made me laugh out loud though.

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