St. Marys River Public Landing


St. Marys River public landing facing south ⓒBearspawprint2015

St. Marys River public landing facing south ⓒBearspawprint2015

Small storm moving through



6 comments on “St. Marys River Public Landing

  1. NICE PHOTO! Are there pre-historic fossils in the St. Mary’s riverbed? I used to hunt them in the Peace River in Arcadia (with a amateur paleontological license from the state of Florida of course). Found Capybara, Camel, and ancient Horse teeth as well as petrified bones and tortoise shell.

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    • Pleistocene on one side and Paleozoic on the other … however the river bed is deep sand. The larges rocks are a quarter inch diameter. There are some ballast off loads at old landings (now gone) closer to the mouth. Banking stone is hauled in. Bedrock is limestone with nice crustaceans and molusks and sea-shells, but mostly unreachable by trowel.

      With more surfacing underground rivers and springs and sink holes, Wakulla County (I used to live there) has been a source of more artifacts such as tusks, teeth, bones. Here, in Nassau County, I, and my son have found evidence of more recent history, usually after rains, or sometimes a freeze will cause something to be “newly” exposed, spear-head, buggy spring, turpentine and logging tools.

      But mostly what I find are things like beer cans, rusty barbed wire, wads of fish-line, shotgun shells, abandoned car hulks. Yucky plastic and Styrofoam and all varietiesof garbage are washed in whenever the river rises.

      What years were you poking about near Arcadia?

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      • 1999-2000. Was planning on purchasing home somewhere around there but then my wife became ill and we returned to NY (Home of King Cuomo, Little Prince Andrew and high taxes).

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        • I spent a significant portion of my childhood just south of DeSoto County in the northern part of Charlotte County. The landscape has changed a great deal. So has the — flavor (for want of a better word). Not to be sour grape-ing, but I was in Arcadia about 2000. The area is not nearly as picturesque as it used to be.

          I am sorry that your wife is ill. Sadly, too many things just do not work out as hoped 😦

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          • Yes, I understand about it not being as picturesque. We spent a few weeks in Arcadia back in 1992 also and I could see the changes that occurred between then and 2000.

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          • These changes seem to be taking place almost everywhere.

            The Quaking Aspen grove, in Oregon, just north of Nevada, (“discovered” when I was 13) to which I wanted to return, should I ever be free of obligations, is GONE, entirely GONE under cement and houses. Of course, such a time of non-obligation has never occurred, either.

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