Rural Mailboxes


Rural Mailboxes  ⓒBearspawprint2015

Rural Mailboxes ⓒBearspawprint2015



6 comments on “Rural Mailboxes

  1. rezinate says:

    Nice photo – when I was kid I used to go on about why would a person
    choose to live in a city? At one point my mother responded I should
    neither ask or complain about such things as it left more room for me
    to run in the woods.
    Still remains a mystery to me, but I’m sure the reasons are many and
    varied, undoubtedly for more than one not their first choice either.
    A little curious so if you don’t mind my asking what kind of photo gear
    do you use/prefer?

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    • Youngest son gave me a Nikon Coolpix as a gift a few years ago. Some weeks ago I dropped it in the woods in the night in the rain. When I finally found it, it was damaged, but kept sort of working, it was already held together by pony-tail holders … but then it quit entirely just after the “tornado watch” photos. I replaced it last week with the most similar camera I could find, which is also a Nikon Coolpix, though my older model has been discontinued. I prefer the ease of use of the older model, but this one is not so bad, now that I am getting used to it. They both distort the vertical when taking photos that include distance. Accurate perspective and true relationship of objects and light are also altered by the digital camera … but it is a great deal of fun, anyway. RVRGeek (Youngest Son) is my technical instructor and adviser.


    • Only fifteen years ago, this was a (relatively) sparsely populated county. Now … people, lotsa, lotsa people and cars and big chain commerce are showing up all over. Developers are buying up whatever they can grab. 😦 Those urbanites are spilling out …


      • rezinate says:

        Cold winters, narrow bumpy dirt roads, and an appreciable distance to the nearest mall has a deterrent effect.

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        • Isn’t your whole area “deed restricted”?
          😀 😀
          Very few of these tourists and retirees and (whoever they are) others, would qualify for your historically exclusive
          community 😉 Sovereignty (if nobody sells it) may help provide for your children’s future, holding off the concrete encroachment.



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