Has there been a reprieve?
Does wishful thinking deceive?
Bear … 05.03.2015


4 comments on “Reprieve

  1. abubhaji says:

    I haven’t played with entering links, to be honest, but I’ve found when I need spacing, I hit the “clear formatting” button, then I change the color of the font (yeah weird) and the change the font from “paragraph” to say “heading 6” … that usually does the trick (not always) … also, I’ve noticed that once it’s where you want it… you can go back to edit and change the font and color back and it’ll stay spaced. I hope that makes sense, and helps a little. Cheers ~

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  2. abubhaji says:

    Hi, I’ve noticed your use of periods. Is that a personal touch you add to formatting or is it a way for spacing the lines? If it’s because of spacing, I know a trick so you don’t have to use the periods. I can tell ya (its easy) if want. cheers 🙂

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    • It is merely place holding. Yes, formatting. I have found that sometimes the spaces go away, and sometimes they do not.

      In “visual” they are too large and carry some code that is visible in “text”, in “text” they are another size, but a dot is easier to see and manipulate than a string of letters. However links don’t carry in “text” so I mark the space with a place holding dot or period, then use that to tell me where to insert links or media.

      So there is an easier way?



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