Ligustrum  ⓒBearspawprint2015   04.22.2015

Ligustrum ⓒBearspawprint2015 04.22.2015



10 comments on “Ligustrum

  1. It’s so funny that you posted this today, Bear. At lunch we were standing in line at a restaurant with a huge outdoor patio and I happened to be standing in front of a ligustrum in full bloom and I love their fragrance. There used to be some in my neighborhood, but they’ve either died or been dug up because I hadn’t smelled one in years. Have a good week! Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    i am familiar with these, now i know it’s name.

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  3. painkills2 says:

    Tree or shrub? It’s beautiful, but Google says they don’t smell good… 😦

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    Such a beautiful blossom. xxx

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