Mysterious April

While the swamps of north east Florida are always mysterious, dawn is particularly so, as this photo from 2013 attests.

Mystery  Dawn In  April ⓒBearspawprint2013

Mystery Dawn In April ⓒBearspawprint2013


3 comments on “Mysterious April

  1. Is that what they call marsh gas? I have heard of it but have never seen photos of it. Thanks for sharing with us.
    You live in a very beautiful area. I am sure that I have driven through it on my rush to other places. I am now sorry that I did not look around.
    Nassau County?

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    • “Marsh gas” is methane. These were not that.

      I used to think that they were moisture artifacts , but have found that humidity isn’t the source, either. Also sometimes they are behind things, sometimes in front of, and on occasion I have been able to follow one in a photo series, as it moved about. Sometimes they seem to have volition, other times they seem to drift. One of my sons just caught some moving with speed, on video, in his back yard in Tallahassee. He is able to perceive them with his senses, and has learned to not mention them. I have only captured images on still film.

      Some folk say they don’t exist, others call them “orbs” .

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    • Nassau County. Yes.

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