The loneliest
To the infinite
Where nothing is
Where nothing is
Where all thought
Is absent.
Is love
“Return Beloved”,
Or does fear
Call, veiled
With a sweeter
Bear … 04.10.2015

13 comments on “Alone

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Definitely the latter!

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  2. Val says:

    Ooooh where is that place inside? Wish I could find it one day. So far, I think only the desert in South America would do the trick, but who knows, I may yet find it closer 🙂 Thanks for the images, Bear.

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    • Have you visited the Atacama? There was a catastrophic flood in March. Not so empty. Devastating Floods Hit Northern Chile


    • Fortunately the portal to emptiness is always everywhere. But usually there is too much going on … like caring for children, and all the incredible things happening all around and all the requirements to continue to live in world., that keep us distracted.

      I suspect you merge the infinite and the mundane in your way of being quite a bit. For example, you have children. What portals has that evolution opened? What access to internalized infinity does translating utilize? Perhaps you are already on that pilgrimage?

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      • Val says:

        Every encounter opens portals and the fortunate thing is that both translating and children’s are now known, so they continually introduce me to new things, but they are safe, reliable, wonderful. The silence inside is something very difficult for me to achieve, having failed all paths (meditation, prayer, what have you). I achieve it inside only when it’s overwhelmingly simple outside, so whenever I have no people around 🙂

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        • 🙂 You actually have no people around, sometimes? When there are not also imperative tasks? Good for you. ❤

          It is beautiful to keep up with responsibilities and to love and to create and appreciate. Those are all aspects of prayer. You, yourself, are the silence at the center of your life.

          What happens if you exchange the mistaken word "failure" for the phrase "begun to practice"? Is it only words?

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          • Val says:

            Yes, true, words are important 🙂 I think the truth is I just got restless every time, finding it so easy to achieve the same peace by just going for a walk somewhere and trying to avoid people (you are right, it is very very difficult especially in supercrowded England!)

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