Farmers in South Georgia, clearing fields by burning, puts smoke and color in the sunset clouds, viewed from Florida.

Homeward â“’Bearspawprint2015  03.31.2015




8 comments on “Homeward

  1. Mr. Atheist says:

    I am reminded of the lonely and straight road that spreads out in front of you as you drive. Wanting to leave Georgia and her peaches and head for the Metropolis that is Jacksonville you take the road less trampled. The 121. Some claim it is shorter while others tell you the tales of those bodies they found outside of St. George. You know they are just stories to get you to fill up at the gas station across the street from the funny almost cute fire station. You stop just in case. You look up and see the sun setting just behind the tree line. In the distance the smoke rises. I love this picture. It is transporting.

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  2. En Français on dit : ” ECOBUAGE ” …!!!

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    • Slash-and-burn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slash-and-burn is not done here. It is illegal. All forest management burns are small and controlled. There is only a very small amount of smoke in the clouds to give it the hint of brown. The periphery is still clean. Most plantings are are already done. Here and there debris piles from commercial tree cuttings are burned, and sometimes field stubble or fields that have been allowed to be fallow… but most food plant farmers get their land prepared in January. It is TREE FARMS, paper companies, pulp, in conjunction with forest and parks services that do the controlled burns … “Slash and burn” techniques are not used here.

      I apologize for giving the wrong impression.

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