Company In The Night

My flash caught them looking at me.  I hold the camera away from my face, off to the side, when using the flash a night, so that I can see all the eyes up in the trees, and in the periphery, too.  The light in the view finder messes up my night vision, so I hold it away from myself and don’t look at it. However, when the flash goes, I can see all the eyes, and glowing things for an instant.   To the right, up high, out of the frame, are a ‘possum’s red eyes looking like a vampire, suspended … creepy.  Whenever I turned the camera in his direction, he ducked his head behind the tree trunk, or a large branch.  I’m not sure who the down low red eyes belong to.  They were in several frames, then disappeared, though the green and yellow eyes of the deer were joined by a few more.

I seem to have quite a bit of company  ⓒBearspawprint2015  4.1.2015

I seem to have quite a bit of company ⓒBearspawprint2015 4.1.2015




10 comments on “Company In The Night

  1. rezinate says:

    Many a night in the woods by a campfire, embers glowing just
    outside the circle of light- some moving, some stationary for
    a moment or two.
    Rustled leaves, cracking twig, timid, unsure as they gaze at
    man, once a friend, now a potential enemy, usurper of territory,
    befouler of water, of air, tainted bait and traps of steel, bounties
    on their hair as later we also were to experience.
    In the beginning as a people the nations had agreements with
    all that walked, flew, and swam.
    They would sacrifice themselves that we might be nourished, fed,
    clothed, and housed.
    In turn we would honor them and the agreement taking no more than
    necessary while respecting the land and their nations, calling on
    their spirits for wisdom, strength, and as helpers.
    No “dominion over all things” as we were part and parcel of all that was,
    not master, but dependent as were others in the symbiotic ecology
    of life, having a niche within the circle as they did….belonging.
    A niche, a place, whose duty was to live within the circle, within
    the balance – now furtive embers in the night calculating a safe
    distance and perhaps wondering how this all came to be.
    It is a great sadness, a shameful thing.

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  2. willowdot21 says:

    I find this photo scary!

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    • What would be scary is if those were coyotes or wolves instead of White Tail Deer. If the red glow were a predator, the deer would not have stayed.
      that may also have been a deer, with an odd angle of refraction. I knew those fellows were there, is why I knew to snap their photos. The little spots of light are tiny flying critters, and the pale orbs I am unable to see, even in with the flash. There was enough moonlight for me to tell where I was putting my feet. The reality of it is not so spooky as the photo. If you said “Boo” all of the animals, and even the orbs, would most likely go away. Only the mosquitoes are unafraid.


  3. Ompong says:

    Creepy indeed… How come our eyes are not glowing like theirs? 🙂

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  4. quarksire says:

    hiking in da dark are we? lol 😎

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