All Guitar — Music Themes

Galatea’s Guitar — Gabor Szabo
5min. 40sec.
Johnny chose the Music Theme ALL  GUITAR for this week.
Lisa of the Light has chosen OVERCOMING as our next Music Theme..

LEYENDA  by Isaac Albeniz — Andres Segovia
BASS SOLO & JORDAN — Bucket Head at House Of Blues, Houston, Texas
7min. 14sec.
Autumn Knight
LA MALAGUENA  (Salerosa )– Once Upon a Time in Mexico ( Guitar Intro) — Mariachi Antonio Banderas
2MIN. 55SEC.
Indy Advant
ROJO DIABLO — Rodrigo y Gabriela
3min. 24sec.
BASS GUITARIST —  Miliano busker
2min. 04sec.
BARTON HOLLOW, 20 YEARS, POISON AND WINE — The Civil Wars — Joy Williams — John Paul White   — NPR music Tiny Desk Concert
11min. 38sec.
NPR Music
RECUERDOS DE LA ALAHAMBRA by Francisco Tárrega  -The Les Dawson Show — John Williams
5min. 32sec.
EAST TENNESSEE RAG  and BEAUMONT RAG — Doc Watson — Jack Lawrence
3min. 19sec.
TROLLFERD — Kerstin Blodig
3min. 04sec.
WALKING BOSS — Jerry Garcia — David Grisman
5min. 26sec.
Ryan Hostetler
JOHNNY: Music Theme ~ All Guitar | johnny ojanpera
LISA OF THE LIGHT: Music Theme – All Things Guitar
MADELINE:  ♪All Guitar – Music Theme
WILLOW: Music theme : All Guitar



20 comments on “All Guitar — Music Themes

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Mississippi Delta blues, the old masters really knew how to make guitars weep & moan.


    • “I do not play no rock ‘n roll, jes tha straight ‘n natchurl blues” Mississippi Fred McDowell

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      • 1EarthUnited says:

        “I made up a lot of the songs I sing. It’s like you hear a record or something or other. Well, you pick out some words out of that record that you like. You sing that and add something else onto it. It’s just like if you’re going to pray, and mean it, things will be in your mind. As fast as you get one word out, something else will come in there. Songs should tell the truth… When I play– if you pay attention, what I sing the guitar sings, too. And what the guitar say, I say.” – Mississippi Fred


  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Just lovely, 20 yrs was gracefully performed, i love their sincerity. ❤


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  5. willowdot21 says:

    This is exciting

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  6. Lisa says:

    What a fun theme! And we did them all so different. This is so cool.

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  9. Val says:

    Oh fantastic! My soundtrack for the day is sorted! Thank you 😀

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  10. Guitar is amazing!

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