16 comments on “Drink Salt

  1. I really loved this actually. Great stuff : )

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  2. […] me stuff, make me laugh, make me sad and melancholy, tell me about worlds I had no idea about, give me little gems to treasure, teach me new vocabulary and writing styles. They can give me ideas for future stories and I might […]

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  3. Your beauty came blowing me here
    You look wonderful :*


  4. Val says:

    This is beautiful!


  5. rezinate says:

    Your reference to dust brought to mind a creation story of one of the nations. May not
    be relevant to your words, but as I say, dust…….

    In a time before there was time winds and dust came from the four directions to a land
    with no people – Creator gathered the wind and dust from these storms to fashion the Numunuh,
    a people given the strength of the elements they were formed of.
    Without intention a shape shifter came into being as well and began to abuse the Numunuh,
    seeing this Creator confined it to a pit where it railed an thrashed about.
    Seeking some way to continue it’s abuse this shape shifter took up residence in those
    creatures with stingers and fangs of poison and to this day seeks to harm those it bites or

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  6. willowdot21 says:

    OH! Trees are wise!

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