There Goes the GPS — 1945 and Now — Geomagnetic Storm

“S___ (My given name starts with S ),
Thanks for calling. My computer is sill in the shop, so I am using
Louise’s lap top. Your connection was a real roller coaster in volume!
It was difficult to get a full sentence. I guess the storm is working
it’s magic on the wires. When I flew across the Atlantic Ocean in
1945, the whole northern hemisphere was a bright green. I needed three
stars 120 degrees apart to get a good position, but the Aurora blanked
out all the stars to the north! I had to settle for three stars only
30 degrees apart to the southern hemisphere. But that worked and I
stayed on the proper course to arrive on time at the exact right spot
in Scotland  …….

….  Dad”

2 comments on “There Goes the GPS — 1945 and Now — Geomagnetic Storm

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Is your dad still alive?

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    • He is 91, 92 in June. His ophthalmologist just told, in the last two weeks, that he can no longer drive due to vision loss. I knew , of course, that he would not be able to see the Aurora, but I also thought he would be interested, and that it might trigger a good story 😀

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