Dare Fly

Mysteries and
Unknown strangeness
Woven in my life
The flawed escape
Leading out of perfect
Creation trapping
Shadows and prayers
Blurring the precipice
Brightness living
Within heart light
Eternal mists parting
I dare fly through
Darkness when
Nothing else
Is possible
Bear … 03.14.2015


27 comments on “Dare Fly

  1. […] Dare live your life Darkness is only a Part of the path. […]

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  2. You fly on your broom in the darkness, BearDear …?!!! Don’t worry, i’m the facetious Goblin …!!!


  3. Schöne Gedanken über die schwere der Schatten und die Leichtigkeit von Licht, die ein Menschenleben bereichern. Liebe Grüsse Ernst

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  4. quarksire says:

    good idea , while i am waiting for them to give me back my fast internet an telephone, i’ll go out an werk on me plane ;so yes I can Fly next month!;;; lol…they throttling my internet for months now so i can’t communicate,,,always to be fixed within days, well, we shall see,,, took me a buncha times jest to open this page…….. ok.take care.8-) Q

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  5. Esther Ling says:

    Even something else is possible, dare fly in the darkness. It is a way of learning about self.

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  6. Johnny Ojanpera says:


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