Babbling daemons
Of chaos, of
Remembrance and
Lost dreams retained,
Secret betrayals and
Truth inescapable,
Dark refuge of light,
Come join me
At my empty table.
We shall dine on
Dead thoughts
And take sustenance
From broken hearts,
Laughing and starving
Sharing company
With Mnemosyne
And the Muses, nine.
Bear … 03.09.2015
Δαιμονία Νύμφη-θεάς Μνημοσύνης



2 comments on “Mnemosyne

  1. Big take-away from this poem is this couplet:
    “Come join me / at my empty table.” In itself, that’s a great poem (and invitation) to Mnemosyne, remembrance herself. Thanks for sharing it.

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