Forging Iron From Trees

I am overcome
So weary heavy tired
My bones of cement marrow
My blood is iron rivers
Held liquid by  burning grief
The turgid air
Goes in and out
The bellows stoking
I do not live your life
This hot damp breath
The dream of
My own might be
To allow the next
Their hopeful maybe
What is the price of worth
Does love have meaning
I walk on round feet
Six articulated joints in each leg
Cement marrow in my heavy bones
Each joint screeches as it bends
The bellows stokes my heart
So the melted iron will flow
Too heavy to roll
Up the notched stairs
Where you laughed
Though binoculars at the
Tree top gone
Swinging away
On your come along rig
As I reach out
Disdainful of
Your bewilderment
I fly on Harpy wings
I still must choose
I must choose again
In my sleep
Shall I choose to wake
Can melted iron
Bear the weight of
Missing trees stacked
Waiting for the saw
Bear … 03.08.2015


2 comments on “Forging Iron From Trees

  1. Please BearDear one smile, it’s my birthday …!!!



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