Sweet Moonlight Moonbow


Just before the rain, the colors and halos around the moon, visible through the hickory and water oak trees were beautiful in their exquisite moon-bow colors, for a very short while, before the cloud covered over and the moon drifted behind the trees.  The light still diffusely illuminating, but only with a misty gray.  The bight spot is the star visible for a few minutes last night..

Today it is cold, again.

Moonlight through water oaks and hickory trees ⓒBearspawprint2015  03.05.2015

Moonlight through water oaks and hickory trees ⓒBearspawprint2015 03.05.2015


How Sweet The Moonlight

Author: Shakespeare William
Composer: Jocelyn Pook
Music Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Music Publisher: Shylock Ltd.

Andreas Scholl
Baroque String Quartet
Siobhan Armstrong
Harvey Brough
Elizabeth Kenny



3 comments on “Sweet Moonlight Moonbow

  1. batgurrl says:

    Thank you. The lunar eclipse videos were a wonder. R

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  2. O the moon was HUGE here last night and is still flush tonight.
    A lovely selection, Bear.
    Stay warm.

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