Small Prilgrimage

Misty paths
Newly revealed
Receding floods
Ancient bedded
Found roads
Some small trace
A hint
You had been
A gracefully
Curved stem
Sinuous in
Falling rain
Flowers early
Washed away
Tiny seeds nuts
Fruits children
Fallen petals
A mosaic of memory
Shuffled stirred
Forest creatures
Or lingering
As do we all
Feathers one
Kind and another
Tell stories
Of care
Work of love
Turning of cycles
In all directions
Beloved and lover
Acolyte and wisdom
The nomad migrant
Lives always
Home is shelter
Punishing instruction
Drifting as a
Lost peregrination
Guiding wind touches
Her unseen beauty
Whispering silence
Creating direction
Dispersing time
Covered concealed
By itself
By the fallen
Eons written
In all colors
Morning sky
Among roots
Trees lend voice
To the voiceless
Sharing rain’s song
The language of wind
The silence of knowing
The stillness
Waiting within
Spiraling season’s
Small pilgrimage
Bear … 02.28.2015

2 comments on “Small Prilgrimage

  1. Lisa says:

    This is gentle. I like it.

    Liked by 1 person


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