Is there a
That is not
Horse shit?
Is the entire
World history
Composed of
Road apples?
Bear … 02.06.2015

26 comments on “POOP SCOOP

  1. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Good morning dear Bear. I have just posted a poem that is asking a similar question. Incredible. 🙂

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  2. I keep forgetting to add thanks for all those comment likes, which were like a warm breeze in my inbox. So I’m saying it first this time, because I hear the Z train a’coming. Re: post, world history is just written largely by men. Need I say more? LOL I think some documentaries must be accurate. I’ve seen some on the actions of the catholic church “caring” for unwed mothers, babies and orphans that amounted to abuse and slave labor with a side dish of life-long guilt thrown in. Those ring true, although I have see the catholic church do good things, too. But people are full of flaws, and people in authority often use and abuse. And GRRRR!

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    • The problem with even excellent documentaries is they are limited by their nature. However they do reach a wider audience than thick volumes of dates and names and places … which few read except for research. Also if it something that needs intervention of some sort, then a short documentary is the medium to reach the most the quickest with a little bit of essential information. They are useful as hooks to catch people’s interest. But also they are always biased toward whatever message the producers and writers are trying to send. There are documentaries that say Shoah didn’t happen, for example.

      I was quite angry when I wrote that as someone who knows better thought it amusing to present me as a character in one of the misguided documentaries. I’m getting mad all over again …. better go back in the Serenity Room. Rrrrrr!!! And you are right … ’twas men. 😀


      • Men play by different rules.

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        • Unfortunately some women twist those same faulty “rules” into even worse configurations. Those folk all deserve each other. Though it is usually the powerless without voice who are the victims.

          Just because it is traditional doesn’t make it right. Some problems CAN be fixed, and therefore should be fixed. You know the “definition of insanity” yes? Repeatedly doing an action the same way with the same unwanted results, repeating the same actions, endlessly, thinking the results might be different… if one keeps on doing the same thing. Perhaps some “rules” are insane?


          • perhaps all rules eventually end in insanity, because they are followed past their usefulness.

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          • Still … would our universe not fly all apart if we did not agree that it must behave by certain rules? That for the sake of communication we aplly common meanings to words and phrases … though outside of that, we (some of us) change the meanings al around as pleases us 😀

            If we want to co-exist as neighbors on this planet to we need some sort of guide lines for behavior? Is it because we assume that OTHER people are not benevolent that they are, or is it because they are in fact malicious? Or do we create the need for behavior rules just by thinking it to be necessary. In order to do away with rules, would everyone have to become enlightened all at the same time? Or could a few carry the rest? Well, more than a few, the few didn’t work out so great, so far 😦


          • We need rules that work to keep us all safe, happy and from injuring each other, but not outdated rules followed simply for the sake of tradition. We should always retain the parts of our cultures and governments are still better than chaos. But we need constantly reevaluating in a changing world what is working and what isn’t. That’s my opinion.

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    • PS What is a Z train? Is it a commuter train?


  3. It sounds so special!


    • Hahahaha do your have an idiom dictionary to define road apple?

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      • No. Since the culture is apart from ours. 🙂


        • Which culture? The culture of horses or the culture of documenting history?

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          • The culture of horse of course. Not many horses in my country except buffalo and cattle. we do not have phrase or slang to mention their droppings that are scattered along the roadside.

            I read the second part of the poem as my interpretation of my cultures that is to express an “awry”.

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          • No phrase or slang for something that used to be common? Oh well, I suppose most are people are now city-dwellers and never saw such a thing. But yes you figured out what it is … and that is exactly the ink that was used to write most histories. It is also akin to the facts, as well. It is also the major component of most people’s brains. Especially politicians and profiteers RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

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          • when I’m annoyed and awry then I will understand all vices are embellishment in life. Just laugh out loud, Bears. 😀 😀 😀

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          • Close your eyes and imagine: It is dark, thjere is standing water in near-by fields from profuse down pours, it is chilly, the trees are still dripping, it is quiet, so quiet …. then you hear it LAUGHTER It is the Crazy Swamp Hermit Lady Bear LAUGHING.

            What’s laugh at? Is it funny that history books lie?

            Is it funny that world leaders have shit for brains?

            Well. Yes it is.

            Suddenly all of my REALLY weird neighbors will be stirring up the mud and bumping into trees laughing in the bright moonlight!! HAHAHAHAHA

            Assuming, of course, that they find it amusing to learn they have something in common with politicians and world leaders.


          • It’s OK . Unfortunately all many people know about anything is the tiny glimps they get watching documentaries. Too often they are cleaned up so much that if the people who were actually there saw these films, the situation would be unrecognizable.

            But it is quicker and more effective for me to say it as I did. I did warn readers with the title, in case someone might be easily offended.

            Thus far no one has replied with a link to a GOOD documentary. I know there are a few … but even the few excellent documentaries have, by their nature, limited scope. It takes VOLUMES of books to accurately describe even a small bit of history because everything influences everything else.

            By the way, for some vice is how they live.

            We have a saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. it has many layers of meaning. One of the meanings could refer to knowledge. If you learn only one point of view …. then that is the only vantage point to take in new information. If more or different information or knowledge comes along that doesn’t fit through the small bias opening, it is all deemed wrong or irrelevant.

            However, I do appreciate that I do not feel in danger for having said this. There are places in the world were I would not dare to say what I have said. I appreciate this freedom.

            However, there are forces in the world trying to turn the whole of Earth awry, and they NEVER rest. One of their most useful tools is mis-information. More frequently called the droppings of , not horses, but large droppings of the animals you have in your country, the ones who are not neutered. Those droppings = mis-information = lies .

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          • Thank you for trying to help me feel better.

            I was angry because some people, that I thought — my mistake — should know bette, but then I realized they were TRYING to be open minded but all the knowledge they had for anything outside of their personal realm of experience was TV documentaries which present themselves as the whole and absolute truth.

            I was quite angry when I wrote that as someone who does know better thought it amusing to present me as a character in one of the misguided documentaries.

            There have been some excellent documentaries. I watched VARUNGA last night, but also they are some that are not made for edification. They are made for other purposes. There are documentaries that say Shoah didn’t happen, for example.

            … anyway the easy way out would to be to just let it slide and laugh hahaha good joke. NO. Not funny. Not a joke.

            There was a small problem that needed addressing, and didn’t want to do it. But ignoring it would have had repercussions for others, not just me. For myself I had to become aware of something that I wish were different.

            It’ll be OK. Rather than laughing, I took some photos of the setting sun. They will be up in a little while. 🙂 Only one is posted.

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          • I am proud of the greatness of your heart. Not just a few people who do lie only for their own interests, they don’t realize if it will lead to become a mistake that could possibly detriment of many.

            we must dare to stand up for the truth. you have done it perfectly. 🙂

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          • No not perfectly. Not at all, and not bigness of heart. I am just a ferocious old hermit She-Bear, not known for being sweet and nice.

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