Now Lie In It

I must be
Alone and apart
For I have
Living art
My own
Solitary bed
Bear … 02.06.2015

6 comments on “Now Lie In It

  1. If I had a solitary bed, I would paint the walls clean white and then hang vivid pictures all around. I’d have huge trees in the corners. And an indoor water feature, just big enough for a night stand. When I closed my eyes, I would be laying beside a waterfall in Hawaii. I think you are saying something quite different, but that is where my mind went, and I thought you might like the image. Blessings, Brenda

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    • It is quite a nice image. Such a decorating scheme would be nice in any room, I think. Have you painted murals in your home? I imagine that you have … quite a few 🙂

      I have done, but where I am now only in the kitchen and by the back door where the breaker box is, and a hallway floor.

      Your image is quite serene … and I feel you trying to share some of your inner strength and serenity. Thank you Beautiful Brenda.

      In my fantasy built on yours, I will add large open windows and white chiffon curtains. Rather than a water thingy, I’ll have a crystal decanter with water and several glasses, a sturdy table and a rocking chair would by my accessories, so anyone stopping by will know they are welcome. There is light that dims or brightens as wished, and a candle to flicker through the crystal and water.

      There are a large number of folk, whom I would enjoy having drift by for a visit, including you …. perhaps we would all go turn about reading aloud … or sing …. in my fantasy responsibilities and obligations only materialize when convenient or if all the soothingness gets too boring 🙂

      But I do have an ongoing house fantasy…
      my dream house has a courtyard with a water fountain or pool in the middle, and real trees in the corners. All of my fantasy houses are built around a central courtyard. How helpful would that be with caring for toddlers? How pleasant to sleep there ….

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  2. willowdot21 says:

    Bear that is so sad

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