A Flash Of Color Before Dark


.Color at the end of a colorless day  …. already there is a coating of green pollen on the windows, car windshield, and other surfaces  such as water in the bird bath. Also my sinuses. Ahhh–chooo.  ‘Scuse me.  Some of the trees have new growth and the beginnings of Spring color.

The color, though welcome, is deceptive, as is the pollen.  Usually February is the coldest month, with the most illness and intractable depression.  It is a difficult month for elders and small children and those without adequate means to care for themselves.  Please watch out for each other.

Color at the end of a colorless day ⓒBearspawprint2015

Color at the end of a colorless day ⓒBearspawprint2015


4 comments on “A Flash Of Color Before Dark

  1. Hello precious Bear friend! I love your photo and you! You are up early! Have a super day! ❤

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  2. willowdot21 says:

    Beautiful photo and good advice. February is also a bad month here snow and ice and as you say illness and depression. As I type we are on a shopping mission for the 94yr old mother in law due to snow. Roll on Spring. ❤

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    • Is she living independently … except for shopping? Did I ask the same thing about this time last year? I can’t remember. Emergencies were all around me then, pulling this way and that way.

      Do your Christmas boots from last year still look good? Those were some pretty boots. Ha! How bad am I? I remember your boots and not your MIL. tsk. tsk. And ftermyt blog post. That is bad. :-/



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