Laughter of Winter Wind


Wind's Hair  ⓒBearspawprint2015  01.26.2015

Wind’s Hair ⓒBearspawprint2015 01.26.2015

Beautiful Winter Wind
Blows, blows cold
She whirls here,
Gusts there
She sweeps winter trees
Clean of their dead
Wind’s wild hair
Streaming blue, silver,
A rainbow that whips clouds
Into frothing mad chaos
Black swirling skirts
Black flying cloak
Block sunlight
Now here, now miles away,
Strobe erratic light,
Days and nights
Flicker in a moment.
Wind sings,
Wailing and free
Whistling gales,
Exulting in her own freedom,
She ignores the frantic
Small beings,
Craving warmth and comfort,
Hiding beneath roofs,
And tented arms,
Or Cowering away in nests
And dug out burrows.
Her wild flailing hair
The drumming trees,
And staccato small trash
The stabbing icy wetness
The biting harsh cold
Invokes the laughter of
Winter Wind,
As she sings and dances.
Bear … 01.25.2015

Strobe Light Clouids ⓒBearspawprint2015  01.26.2015

Strobe Light Clouids ⓒBearspawprint2015 01.26.2015


4 comments on “Laughter of Winter Wind

  1. painkills2 says:

    Nature laughs at me
    Fate’s chuckle not far behind
    Pain is infinite

    Liked by 1 person

  2. willowdot21 says:

    This is wonderful full of amazing imagery. xxxx

    Liked by 1 person


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