Do Butterflies Ask Forgiveness?

While wrapped
In winter’s
Do butterflies
Mourn for a
Of one summer?
Do butterflies
Dream of chance
Of true love,
And flights
In future
Spring zephyrs?
Do Butterflies
Wish for
Do they
Strive to
Each orther
And to predict
The changing
Where do
Take shelter
During howling
Wild storms?
Do they pray,
“Oh save me
Save me” ?
Must butterflies
Make obeisance
And offer
Prayers of
Gratitude when
Flowers bloom
And sun
Sparkles on
Morning dew?
Do butterflies
Weep, offering
Sacrifice, while
Waiting for
The final dawn?
Is the Creator
Pleased with
The beauty
Of butterflies?
Do butterflies
Worry and preen,
To be different
And more
More holy,
More righteous
Than they are?
Do butterflies
Wail, asking
For having
Been created?
Bear … 01.17.2015


17 comments on “Do Butterflies Ask Forgiveness?

  1. Nancy says:

    Love it! Thank you

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  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Very nice, has elements of a koan. ♥


  3. Lisa says:

    I’ve read the book of Jeremiah in the bible several times and after I understood the language of it, it really made me laugh. One day he would be all like,” God is awesome and he created everything! ” Then the next day he would be all like, “I curse the day my mother birthed me.” At the end when he was sitting in prison and the Babylonians were coming overy the wall to take Israel captive he basically said, “I understand what you are doing, God, but I think it’s stupid!”

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    Thank you for some beautiful questions Bear! here are some answers.

    They do not weep they do not preen
    They do not beg for rescue from a God unseen.
    They neither look back or forward they live
    In that glorious now! Taking, using all life has to give.
    They grow in beauty each incarnation
    For they are blessed and a loved part of God’s creation.

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