RED WIND —  R. Carlos Nakai  — Wind Travelin’ Band– Oki Kano — Shonosuke Ohkura
9min. 10sec.

SHIFTING WINDS is the Music Theme for this week.
Magical Maddie will choose the next Music Theme.
5min. 45sec.

Tāwhirimātea — The atua who controls the weather is Tāwhirimātea.
2min. — 28sec.

SOLAR WIND — Tom Barabas
6min. 45sec.

4min. 12sec.

WIND QUEEN –Thomas Bergersen
4min. 21sec.

3min. 38sec.

PERSEPHONE — Dead Can Dance — Lisa Gerrard
6min. 46sec.

SPLINTER — 16 Horsepower
5min. 15sec.

Blow The Wind/Pie Jesu  — Jocelyn Pook
2min 57sec.

NORILOR — Negură Bunget
3min. 46sec

MAGICAL MADDIE:  ♪Shifting Winds – …
THE MEANING OF WINDHORSE ENERGY — Venerable Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche
16min. 42sec.




19 comments on “SHIFTING WINDS — MusicThemes

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Hi Bear, for this upcoming week, let’s go with Nostalgia, vinyl. Choose your favorite selections from vinyl recordings and reminisce. Just search via U-Tube, song + vinyl. Example:
    Enjoy your weekend everyone!


    • 1EarthUnited says:

      Greetings Bear, i had several question about this weeks theme. So to clarify, the main theme is “Nostalgia”, if you happen to find the video recorded on vinyl, that’s a bonus, although not a requirement. Be creative and have fun! 🙂


      • Oh. You decided to change it. I’ve already collected vinyl recordings. It did seem that NOSTALGIA, VINYL was a little restrictive and over controlling, especially for you youngsters. But we had already had this conversation, so I just let it be. Besides, you made such a nice blog post of your explanation 🙂

        There was a similar conversation, though not as thorough as what you wrote, some months ago, on the subject of analogue versus digital recordings. I think similar perceptual differences apply to visual recordings, as well.

        I elected to not reminisce about why I selected what I did. But now you want to change it to NOSTALGIA with the recording medium as secondary. Aii yii.

        Magical Maddie, I may, or may not, comply. I may, or may not, let what I’ve already done stay, as is. Thanks for the heads up about the change of emphasis. I may, or may not, change the emphasis. 😉 that is supposed to be a wink.


        • 1EarthUnited says:

          it’s totally up to you Bear, i commend you for finding vinyl recorded songs, but that tends to limit the selection to older classics. change it up any way u like, or not. i can’t wait to see what u’ve chosen. winking back atcha! 😉


  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Salient choices! i enjoyed the story of the Tāwhirimātea. don’t quite understand the purpose of windhorse energy as told by the Rinpoche. He uses it as a meditative technique, but how does it help with clarity of mind and mental presence?

    Lakota Prayer

    Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery,
    teach me how to trust
    my heart,
    my mind,
    my intuition,
    my inner knowing,
    the senses of my body,
    the blessings of my spirit.
    Teach me to trust these things
    so that I may enter my Sacred Space*
    and love beyond my fear,
    and thus Walk in Balance**
    with the passing of each glorious Sun.

    * According to the Native People, the Sacred Space
    is the space between exhalation and inhalation.
    ** To Walk in Balance is to have Heaven (spirituality)
    and Earth (physicality) in Harmony.

    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


    • There are a thousand or more indigenous tribes in North America alone, each with their own language, culture, traditions, and spiritual customs and traditions, each with their own history. Every day something is being lost so that elders are undertaking to share what used to require certain achievements. Sometimes they try ti simplify, sometimes they just say it as it was taught to them. But without learning all the attendant practices much of what is said does not make sense. Much of what is said cannot be translated. That is a beautiful translation that you found. But the terms “A Ho” and “Mitakuye oyasin” and “Tanka” and “Wakan” can not be translated directly.

      Burning Heart wrote and essay in which he quoted a spiritual teacher from south North America. He explained that some things cannot be said or explained directly, they can only be experienced and understood directly. To talk about or communicate these things one must circle around them and talk about what is near this understanding, or in allegories or parables, not even try to talk about the understanding or knowledge itself.

      It is wonderful that you came away with different questions than I did. It is an indication of the depth of your seeking that you listened to the entire talk. Thank you, Magical Maddie. I am not qualified to explain what Rinpoche said … and I have working with Wind Horse for 48 years 🙂 There might be someone available through this link to You Tube that would undertake to answer your question, or they could guide you to someone who can. I have found some amazing and beautiful connections through making comments on videos. Or you could ask your question directly of the Rinpoche via his “channel” or the monastery web site

      Thank you for all that you have done, Magical Maddie


      • 1EarthUnited says:

        I agree that “spiritual” insights cannot be expressed thru words. It’s a direct transmission, soul to soul, like Buddha holding up a flower.
        Thanks so much for the links, but i am no longer seeking. It’s as simple as “looking all around” with an open heart, all is already just-as-it-is.

        What else can be said?
        Divine mystery calling
        silence, stillness, ahhh….


  3. […] visit:     Bear     Lisa     Johnny     Antanya     […]

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  4. Lisa says:

    I am really digging that Walela. Especially that song. Your music themes are so gentle,strong and elegant…and beautiful. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lisa of the Light. It is a struggle everyday. Did you know, she used to be married to Kris Kristofferson?

      Cedar, sage, sweet grass, kinickinick, some incenses, work on the same principals as Wind Horse. Prayers are carried by Smoke On The Wind. To hear the talk at the bottom of this blog post, you have to turn up the volume. It was recorded too quietly.

      If you hear someone say “I send you prayers or this or that … on Blue Smoke ” … this phenomena is what is being referring to.

      A Ho!!

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      • Lisa says:

        I did not know that. I love incense and scent therapy mixed with prayers on the wind. Especially, when in the high desert. It’s my second favorite geographical place next to the ocean.

        I listened to every song on the big speakers in surround sound in the car when we went to get the kids from school. It was so calming and relaxing.

        A ho for real! 🙂 ♡

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  5. dodgysurfer says:

    Already downloaded it. 😉

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  6. dodgysurfer says:

    Out of those that played I liked the first most. Although Japanese I may use it in my Tai Chi classes since it has the right feel for me at least. Thanks for introducing me to new music and wise words.

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