Poisoned Harvest

I wake to my fears,
As lonesome as I dreamed,
Hair wet with hopeless tears
The tomorrows we dreamed,
Are lost in bygone years.
I cry, grieving, in my sleep
I cry for the secret sorrows
That we all sadly keep,
I weep for children’s unknown sorrows,
And the poisoned harvest they must reap.
Bear … 01.10.2015
Gula Gula — Mari Boine
4min. 49sec.



7 comments on “Poisoned Harvest

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Yes straight to the heart but useless to weep for tears will change nothing. But that said I agree! xxxxxxx

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  2. The memory of past is important for futur …!!!


    • I found this in the spam folder. Hadda un-spam you. ??

      Yes, indeed, you are right. The past is truly important to remember. We do need to know why and how we got to wherever we are now. We also need to know it from more than our own view point.

      My Maiden name is Anglicized French. Huguenots. My mother, with whom I grew up, called my Dad’s family, “Those damned Calvinists”, and a few other things not quite so flattering 😀 My Dad, with whom I did NOT grow up, has entirely different ideas about everything. And so it goes.

      That is merely a small window on the bigger historical issues that caused them to each be were they were. Wars, revolutions, persecutions, ancient migrations ….

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  3. Genie says:

    Your poem goes straight to the heart.
    Perfect choice of video too, for a perfect poem.


    • My oldest son, (with the same name as his father and grandfather) and his wife, (they married as soon as they were old enough), have elected to remain childless. They feel that is the only responsible way to care for the next generation. He is an anthropologist. She is a doctor of veterinary medicine. 😦



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