There is No More Warmth

My wailing
Is only wind
Not empty music
You can hear
No Doppler
Siren song
No melodic
As I pass
There is no
No rhythmic
Drumming heart
Dearest Beloved
Should you happen
To listen
Now when
There are
No more words
To be said
You will hear
The same thoughts
Inside your head
As you have
Always heard
While you are
Turning away
I and all
My words
And thoughts
And music
I and my damaged
Heart and
My fears and tears
Forever unheard
Are howling
Shrieking gales
My body once
Warm with love
Is no more
Than a
Cold winter’s
Whistling winds
So lonesome
So hopeless
Hollow veins
Bear … 01.05.2015



One comment on “There is No More Warmth

  1. An excellent book by Gay Courter is THE MIDWIFE’S ADVICE. 😀 The advice referenced in the title has to do with something you just mentioned. Excellent, well researched, historical novel. A good long read for a few long winter nights. All of her books are outstanding.

    There are all sorts of ways, nowadays, to work out how a relationship can be.

    However a lot depends on expectations. My expectations, of course, are totally unreasonable. I have plenty of glass mountain that need to be climbed, and golden apples growing on clouds that need harvesting, and a few other tasks of the mundane sort, that need doing, too. Without me asking.

    I was going to give an example, but I think I shall have to blog it. It’s too long for a reply. It is funny — to women. For men? Maybe not so much. Hahahaha 😀 It has to do with chickens and boats. 😀

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