Cold Rain

Gone away is the sun
The cold rain falls
Gone away is the moon
The cold rain falls
Gone away are the stars
The cold rain falls
Gone away is my love
The cold rain falls
Gone away is my heart
The cold rain falls
Alone in the dark
The cold rain falls
Bear … 01.02.2015


17 comments on “Cold Rain

  1. The cold rain falls
    you know where I am
    at a new year

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    • Do you have certain customs to insure good fortune for the new year?

      In my household, we eat particular foods to ensure that there will not be hunger during the following year. This custom came to me through my mother, and her mother who are from the Blue Ridge Mountains
      Blue Ridge Mountains – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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      • No, not really. We do any thing, prayers, just eat any food or special recipes but don’t symbolise a hope.

        My Wish Of All …….

        The descent of such water awakened
        if I am about to open a new blank diary
        spelling things on the first page
        It was the story of a day before

        My gratitude to The Most Gracious and Merciful
        allowing me stepped in
        a new cycle myself never know
        Is a next journey

        Uttering the hope to live longer
        as a datebook to go through
        to live longer and maybe the case to live longer
        back to my birthday

        Is on Your good hands of the judgement
        Oh The Omniscient
        But me only know my prayer
        to live longer and to live longer


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        • Now the Persian prayer poets have competition from Java. What language did you write this in, first?

          Thank you taking the time to type it all in English so that I can so easily read your prayer-poem. Can you sing it?

          Have you read Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Omar Khayyam? Or the Old Testament Abrahamic poets David and Solomon?

          I am ignorant of poetry from your Islands … except for WordPress
          The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (Persian: رباعیات عمر خیام‎) is the title that Edward FitzGerald gave to his translation of a selection of poems, originally written in Persian and numbering about a thousand, attributed to Omar Khayyám (1048–1131), Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Some the recitations are in French, the rest in Farsi, which is Persian. 1 hour 05 minutes 25 seconds.


          • I am also ignorant of poetry from my own country and I don’t know exactly what have they been up to.

            Here is my prayer-poem that I wrote in my language, Bahasa Indonesia. when you use Google or Bing translation, it would be different with what I have written them in English for you. Nevertheless you will find the meaning.

            Hanya itu Harapanku

            Hujan membangunkan aku
            apakah aku akan membuka buku harian kosong yang baru
            menuliskan pada halaman pertama
            Itu cerita tentang sehari kemarin

            Terima kasih kepada Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang
            Telah memungkinkan aku melangkah
            ke siklus baru yang aku sendiri tidak pernah tahu
            adalah perjalanan berikutnya

            bergumam harapan untuk hidup lebih lama
            sebagai agenda untuk aku lalui
            untuk hidup lebih lama dan mungkin terjadi untuk hidup lebih lama
            kembali ke ulang tahunku

            adalah keputusan di tanganmu Tuhanku
            Oh Engkau Yang Mahatahu
            Tapi aku hanya tahu doa itu
            untuk hidup lebih lama dan hidup lebih lama


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          • Your words are making my blog beautiful.

            The words flow more smoothly in Bahasa. I would (selfishly) enjoy hearing them read or recited or even sung.

            Thank you very much for allowing me to read. Now I am not quite as ignorant as I was a little while ago. ⭐


          • I feel very honored to have your appreciation. It is unfortunate that I do not have the software to upload my voice here. I wish I could do it in the future.
            My sincere gratitude to you, my friend. 🙂

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        • The Mystic’s Dream — Loreena McKennitt


  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Happy New Year Bear, a little rain must fall… blessing our mother.


  3. quarksire says:

    Boy can i relate to that!…. Thanks for sharing ur time with me this past year . 😎 hugz across da’ usa 🙂 . Q

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