Eats The Heart

What sort of being,
Eats the Heart,
And destroys all else?
Does this being,
Desire only the Heart,
To fill an empty maw?
When Heart has been eaten,
Does beauty have meaning?
Is love only refuse?
What sort of being,
Converts all to garbage,
Save the Heart consumed?
What is left of Spirit
When the Center
Has been gnawed?
Are loving
Voided without Heart?
The Heart given freely
Is swallowed, just as surely
As a Heart stolen by charm.
I found, hidden,
Veiled in my sorrow,
My lovers secret name.
The true name,
I have married, is
Eats the Heart.
Bear — 12.20.2014


17 comments on “Eats The Heart

  1. Yes, Eats The Heart is married to many many women, and charms the mademoiselles as well.

    He is the same SOB who killed the bison, and eats only the heart of the watermelon. Eats The Heart hunts whales, eats shark fins, and drives gas guzzlers more than is necessary burning fossil fuels …. he lives everywhere, he recycles only if it is convenient, he eats more than his share, or all, of anything special, and eats it first, fouling the what is left …. He is not Everyman, but sadly almost everyman is he.

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    • It is not sex. It is merely immature cold selfishness, which manifests in myriad ways all over the world in all cultures, some more obvious than others, some even have it built in, especially those that have legalized discriminatory policies against women. Selfishness can manifest in sexual attitudes and behavior, but that is not the root cause. Abusive behavior or attitudes with sex, usually has to do with power. That is why children are too often targets. Powerless people, whether in reality or in their own minds, tend to hunt for opportunities to have the illusion of power., to be “god like”.

      Selfishness can be big, as in appropriating indigenous lands, or smaller, like Scrooge.

      Many mythical figures had this same attitude of entitlement. “Whatever I want is mine, because I want it. If I don’t see the value, it (whatever … food, books, art materials, education, medicine,… anything) is worthless”

      I suppose I should post another disclaimer (it has been a long time since I did that) so that nobody’s feelings get hurt, personally (unless they are guilty) and so no assumptions or accusations are made.

      I am not necessarily writing about any particular person. If I am, they are unlikely to read it, and if they do, they will not recognize themselves, due to self blindness.

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  2. Lisa says:

    Excuse my language, but Holy Fuck! You are a genius. 🙂



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