What Has Once Lived

Death is above me

Death is below me

Death is within me and

Death is all around

In the day I fight with Dark

In the night I fear the Light

My heart is Death

And my life is Pain

I shall live completely

Before I die

I have lived before

And I shall live again

I shall live this entire life

Until it is wrenched from me

Though I beg that boon

I also scream

So that no one will know

The words I whisper

Only the deaf hear me

And the blind see my soul

Those with no hands

Wipe the tears from my face

And the legless

Carry me dancing across the sky

What has once lived

Can never entirely die
Bear … 12.03.2014


9 comments on “What Has Once Lived

  1. Lisa says:

    “You can’t hide from the truth cause the truth is all there is…” 😀

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    • People tell themselves, and others stories all the time, to change their perception of truth. Which does physically change the nature of truth. It is all there is, nd it does change Perhaps becoming larger and more encompassing, perhaps solidifying in a mold of misconception … What is, is, but was is is constantly changing, moving fluctuating. Dang it. Just when I had a handle on things, the things changed into something else. Monsters turn into jokes and day into night despair into music. children into adults, the spiral whirls..

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      • Lisa says:

        Well exactly!

        It’s an ever evolving conundrum in the maelstrom of the eyes of the shifting masses and strings pulled by puppet masters coupled with our own unique programming and un-programming by design of course. However, the wild card will of us homosapiens still befuddles the most intelligent of rulers. “The wheel weaves as wheel wills.” Hehehe

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  2. quiall says:

    Sad piece but hopeful! Enjoyed it.

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  3. yeoldefoole says:


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  4. amoafowaa says:

    Paradoxically delivered. There is no escape for anyone. Great.

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    • Survival is the escape, and we all survive, so it is best to make it all, even if only for selfish reasons, as sustainable and beautiful as possible for the children and children’s children. All paths lead to one, so the eventually all will be awakened and so be free from illusion and the cycles of endless rebirth, to choose or not choose or well, it is too far beyond me, though we have all been and are everything that ever was or will be. You are a blessed gifted person to inspire awareness of that which is beyond the thoughts of my small human brain, with such few words. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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