4 comments on “Pink Camellias

  1. roberta4949 says:

    they almost look like roses, they are beautiful, cant grow them in ohio however. to bad.

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    • These pink Camellias were closer to the coast than I am. They won’t bloom when it is too hot. They do seem to be cold and sporadic drought tolerant. Hard freezes don’t bother them, only wilts blooming flowers. Camellias are not even too particular about how much sun they get. I have a couple of red ones, out here in the woods. We tend to be too damp and they get mildew on their glossy leaves. They just grow and bloom when it is cool, anyway. Oh, and no thorns and they can be rooted from cuttings. In optimal conditions, they can grow into a small tree. If you have a south facing wall, I bet one would grow in that mini-environment … in the spring so there is time to get established before the winter freeze.


      • roberta4949 says:

        hum I can grow crape myrtles because they are nestled between my house and garage southfacing and I protect them in the fall, so maybe a camilia might be worth a try if it is not to expensive, I gave up on trying to find hardy climbing roses which just cant tolerate the cold (except new dawn) the canes end up dead and you cant climb if your tops die. I would have to think about this. thanks for the advice.

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